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ROMONA's 8th EVIL EX's by Side-Shiffter ROMONA's 8th EVIL EX's by Side-Shiffter
Matt Gibson Was a nerdy High school kid and never knew much about love for a women untill His friend Gideon introduce him to Ramona Flowers. After finding out about Gideon and Romona's break up Matt moved in to sweep her off her feet. There relashionship lasted longer than any of the 7 Exe's but one day Matt was going to ask Ramona to marry him and befor he could propose to her she called off there relashionship and left to Toronto, Canada. Not long After Gideon met up with Matt to have a discussion on his plan to get her back and stoping Scott Pilgrim by forming The League Of Evil Exes. Matt said yes to help him but did not leave right away Not long after Matt heard of Gideon's defeat to Scott Pilgrim. Matt went to Toronto, Canada in hopes to end Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers together. For the pain and suffering Ramona left him with.

Matt Gibson Powers: As Matt being a nerdy kid and very very smart he set up a plan of his own. After Gideon formed "THE LEAGUE" Matt watch over all of the 7 EXES Including his best friend Gideon to see what powers thay had. Matt took a power from all 7 and made it his own. Matts main power is the uses of illusions on his enemys he is good at geting in to peoples heads and makeing them see what he wants them to see by bringing out there past and your worst nightmares. In the time of the Illusion your mind and body are his then you die from what ever fear he brings to you, but If the enemy can tell what is real from fake thay may have a chance to live an other day.


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August 16, 2010
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